Who is Japow Experience ?

Japow Experience began after I travelled for several years through the Japanese mountains and alps. It was here that I learned all about Japanese culture and where I found my place in Japan. I had heard rumours of Japan’s beautiful snow rich mountains with their quiet valleys with endless trails full of powder snow. I wanted to see this for myself, and I quickly discovered the rumours were indeed true; Japan is exquisite!

My name is Anthony Proietti. I’m a fully qualified ski and snowboard instructor from France and I’ve always been inspired to travel the world. I have learned from and shared many mountain experiences in a variety of different countries.

My final stop was in Japan, in the Myoko Kogen valley, where Japow Experience began.

More than you can imagine, Japan’s mountains are a real paradise for freeriders – it’s an absolute snow machine! It’s not unusual to have 2 meters of snowfall  in just 72 hours.


Skiing in MYOKO will take you on a journey of discovery where you’ll experience true off-piste skiing. The rules of engagement here are different from other parts of the world.

Throughout the trip we will adapt our activities with respect to local customs, and navigate various routes along the sulfur volcanoes and  beautiful birch forests.

And we will stop off, of course, at a variety of the best and biggest skiing areas. From NOZAWA ONSEN to MADARAO KOGEN and passing through SHIGA KOGEN, whose reputations precede them.


Get ready to be blown away by the best powder snow in Japan. Come join us and learn about the local customs and traditions in the land of the rising sun. Thanks to our expertise, you can experience the most beautiful ski areas  where the exceptional snow mesmerises everyone.


After Four years of skiing and researching in the Myoko Valley, we have curated the best possible selection of on and off piste skiing. If you like Japanese culture and want to ski on the world’s best snow this ski trip is definitely for you.

We want you to share this experience with us.

We want you to jump right into the Japow Experience!