Prices and details

The price of the ski trip is 2860 € for a total of 8 days. Only those aged 21 or above (legal age in Japan) and who hold a valid passport can participate in the program.

A good off-piste skill level is recommended to ensure the smooth running of the trip (do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your experience).

The program includes :

– 8 days of skiing with ski Instructor (Proietti Anthony, Japan specialist) and/or Japanese U.I.A.G.M mountain guide (Atsushi Yamada).

– 9 nights in a traditional hotel in Akakura Kanko Resort, which includes breakfast.

– Ski and transport passes for 7 ski resorts in the Japanese Alps.

Not included :

– Return air travel.

– Return travel from Tokyo Airport to Myoko.

Mountain Rescue Insurance this is mandatory (insurance covering extreme sports is highly recommended).

– Single room  (from €100 per night) for additional comfort.

– Lunch and Dinner: the local food is fantastic and must not be missed, we know the best places to excite your taste buds and introduce you to Japanese specialties. Let’s not forget the famous local beverages, the Pickles, The Giant Apples, the Okonomiyaki, the Ramens plus so much more!!!!!

– Ski Gear : it is highly recommended that you bring your own gear with you (touring ski, beacon aged less than 2 years old, shovel and probe).

We strongly recommend that you to have some off-piste experience, to ensure everyone’s well-being during the trip. Discussing your experience will be essential when organizing a ski trip that suits everyone. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, and fell free to ask any questions: