24th of jan 2020

Week with Japow Experience from the 11th to 19th.

I met Anthony last year in Lotte Arai where he guided me, 2 mate and my youngest son Joachim for 3 days working for Myoko Snowsports.
We had an awesome time and I couldn’t wait to come back and rip some more Japow with Anthony in 2020 together with Joachim and his older brother Jannick.
Anthony had made a fantastic plan for us to ski 8 different places including also skinning up a volcano before descending it.
Unfortunately we had to cut the planned 8 days trip short due to an acute family situation so we only got 3 days of skiing before we had to return to London.
The snow wasn’t quite as great as last year but we had an unforgettable time skiing in Akakura Kanko, Lotte Arai and Suginohara with Anthony.
He knows the extensive area of Myoko like his own back pocket so the lines he picks are amazing, he takes all safety measures very serious and skis like a pro too.
On top of that he speaks perfect English, knows every little gem of where to eat and drink around Akakura where we stayed, prices his guiding very reasonably and is a genuine super nice fella.
We couldn’t have asked for any better service at all and can’t wait for next season to come back and rip some more bottomless Japow with Anthony.

Kind regards

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